New Development of TSA

New West Cheshire Compact Consultation

TSA/Affordable Warmth Strategy Group Fuel Poverty Advice Survey - Interim Headline Report

New Development of TSA

The CWAC Infrastructure Partnership which manages/coordinates the TSA, would like to inform you of an important development regarding the future coordination of the Assembly. The secondment of Anne Lancaster - Third Sector Assembly Coordinator will come to an end on the 31st March 2014. The Third Sector Assembly will continue to operate and there is a handover currently taking place with the infrastructure partnership, who are currently putting in place systems to ensure effective continuity.The partnership would like to assure you that, in line with the feedback from the consultation at the Third Sector Assembly event last year, there will be only minor changes to the way that the Third Sector Assembly operates and organisations will still have the opportunity to feed into developments across the sector, be kept up to date the local and national consultations and policy changes, as well as having the opportunity to attend sector events.We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anne for all of her hard work and dedication in supporting the Third Sector Assembly, and we wish her the very best of luck in the future.

Future correspondence from the TSA will come through an automated online service that will be administered by several partner organisations. We will write out to you in April from this service, with instructions on how to share and disseminate information in the future. For future correspondence to the TSA, from end of March the email address is:

TSA/Affordable Warmth Strategy Group Fuel Poverty Advice Survey - Interim Headline Report

TSA carried out a short survey looking at how front line organisations and groups experience and deal with requests for advice and support on fuel poverty including advice on bills and debt, fuel tariffs and reduction of cost installing energy efficiency measures.  This formed part of the work feeding into the TSA Winter Event on Welfare Reform held on 29th January. An interim report was produced.

A second survey is now being undertaken - aimed at smaller organisation that work directly with individuals but where fuel poverty/welfare advice is not a core part of the work.  The report from this survey will be published shortly.

West Cheshire Compact Consultation

 Formal consultation on the draft of the revised West Cheshire Compact began on 14th March.  The closing date for comments on this document is Tuesday 12th June 2014.  The Compact Consultation document can be accessed here 

PDF Icon  Revised_Draft_-_14032014_-_for_consultation.pdf
or look at the full information on the Compact by following this link to the Infomation pages. 
Compact with Cheshire West and Chester 
This consultation is on the “technical document” which sets out the values, principles and joint and specific undertakings which underpin the Compact in its role as a working document which aims to provide a framework for partnership working across the sectors in the future, to develop and deliver quality services for all of our residents and communities.  It is also a means of constructively solving any issues and problems in joint working, collaboration and/or co-production.  As explained in the document this is based on the previous Cheshire West and Chester Compact but expanded and enhanced to take into account recent legislation and policy changes (such as the Equality Act, Best Value Guidance and Social Value) and also to take into account the changes in delivery of public and other services as a result of the effects of the economic recession. The technical document is part of a suite of documents. They are aimed at giving basic information on how the Compact will work and why it is important for everyone to understand and use the Compact principles. Please send comments in to:

The Compact will be formally launched at an event in the early summer and information on this will be circulated through Network and  TSA mailing list.

Please pass on this message and the attachments to colleagues as appropriate.  We want to ensure that the final Compact is informed by the widest possible input from the third and public sectors.

Welcome to the TSA website

stickfigures.jpgThis website contains information about the Third Sector Assembly in Cheshire West and Chester and how it works to represent the interests of the sector.  It also contains useful information on consultations, new policies and initiatives (national and local) and opportunities to work collaboratively.  The site also has links to a range of public and third sector bodies as well as to TSA representatives from the networks across West Cheshire.

What is The Third Sector Assembly?

The Third Sector Assembly Cheshire West (TSA) was set up in 2008 as an association of independent third sector networks and organisations in the Cheshire West area. This includes infrastructure organisations (offering support and training to the sector) as well as front line organisations providing services and self-help groups.  TSA offers a recognised focal point - not just for public sector partners and others wishing to engage with the sector, but also for the sector itself. It provides a forum for discussion, information exchange, mutual support, and co-ordination, dialogue and decision making on the “big issues” affecting the sector nationally, regionally and locally.

Networks nominate or elect representatives to sit on the TSA Management Group which directs the work of the TSA, whilst the Core Group made up of the five infrastucture organisations delivering the "Strengthening the Third Sector" contract with Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council (of which the develpoment and running of the TSA is a key element) are responsible for the day-to-day working of the TSA. The TSA offers a means of coordinating views and disseminating information.  It is a single point of contact for public (or statutory) sector organisations such as local authorities, health authorities, the police and the fire service enabling consultation and communication.  It gives the sector a strategic voice - contributing to strategy and policy nationally, regionally and locally.  Finally, it also secures recognition for the role of the sector in policy formulation and service delivery, enabling it to bring its unique experience and  skills into dicussions and initiatives.

The Assembly aims to:

  • Improve communication within the sector and between the sector and other sectors, partners and networks
  • Enable the views of third sector organisations to be fully and effectively represented
  • Develop new ways of working to achieve efficient and effective delivery of services to the people and communities we serve
  • Ensure that the voice of the sector and its needs and aspirations are recognised by other sectors and partners.

See the About Us page for details of the Third Sector Assembly's Structure and Terms of Reference and the Management Group page for information on the TSA Management Group and how it works, network representation, TSA working groups and projects, and TSA meetings and events.  The Information page includes the TSA Co-ordinator reports, details of the West Cheshire Compact, general policy and funding information (including the latest Altogether Better information) and you can also access the most recent editions of TSA News Online here.

The Links page includes Useful Contacts and links to third sector networks in Cheshire West.  Use the Contact Us page to link directly to the TSA's email address for further information.